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Fraud may happen when a couple decides to divorce

People sometimes want to protect themselves financially when going through a divorce, but fraud can occur when hiding assets or attempting to mislead a partner. New Jersey residents might see red flags that signal some type of manipulation is occurring so that one spouse gets a larger portion of assets than he or she may be entitled to.

An explanation of equitable property division

When divorcing spouses in New Jersey are unable to agree on how their marital property and debt will be divided, the court has the authority to issue an equitable division of the items. Equitable distribution means that the property and debt are divided fairly between the estranged spouses. It does not guarantee that the items will be divided equally.

Just because you don't like your prenup doesn't make it void

Let's say for a moment that you are getting a divorce and have just begun the process of property division. Unlike most couples, you and your spouse signed a prenuptial agreement before getting married, which means just about all of your property has already been divided and is ready now for distribution.

What do courts consider when dividing property in an NJ divorce?

One thing that a divorcing individual may have a great deal of concern about is how marital property will end up being split in their divorce. After all, what property division arrangement is ultimately reached in a divorce can have some pretty substantial financial implications for an individual.

Prenuptial agreement can ease pangs of property division

A divorce can create a lot of contention between people even when the split is wanted and both parties agree on the need to move forward. One area that may create the most tension or possible disagreement may pertain to property division. New Jersey couples may want to consider how a prenuptial agreement may ease the tensions or discontent of the property division process.

Retirement accounts an important part of property division

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions a person in New Jersey might have to make in their lifetime is to seek a divorce.  Once that decision has been made, the former couple will have many other ones to make. If there are minor children, for example, they must decide on custody arrangements and child support. However, there are many issues related to property division that must also be decided. With all that, some say that it is important not to overlook retirement accounts.

Living together? Time to think about a prenuptial agreement

If you and your romantic partner have decided to live together, now is the time to start thinking about what your values and priorities are when it comes to drafting a prenuptial agreement. “Wait a minute!” you may be saying. “My partner and I aren’t even thinking about getting married yet. Why should we be thinking about what we would want out of prenuptial agreements?”

Could electronic "Bitcoins" shield assets in a divorce?

An urban legend says that Native Americans traded the island of Manhattan for a mere $20 worth of beads and trinkets. The truth is very different, but one thing is true: the colonial settlers definitely got the better end of that deal. On a smaller scale, a divorce can turn out in a similar way, with one party getting the short end of the proverbial stick. This is why it is important that a fair property division settlement be reached prior to the divorce being finalized.