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November 2016 Archives

Custodial rights for grandparents

New Jersey courts recognize that grandparents usually have a role to play in the healthy development of their grandchildren. The rights of the grandparent are given consideration in some visitation deliberations, and if it is possible to include these individuals in the child's life, then accommodations will often be made. Visitation is broadly considered to be in the best interests of the child and is therefore encouraged. There are even certain well-recognized circumstances under which the grandparents may even be considered for primary custody, such as the death of the custodial parent or parents.

How divorce affects high net worth

When a New Jersey marriage comes to an end, the parties are often concerned about their future financial situations when they become single. In many cases, one of the spouses has forsaken a career to stay at home and take care of raising the children and other household duties because the other spouse had a high-paying job. You might be finding yourself in this type of situation and facing a high-asset divorce with all of the complexities that it entails.

How to protect your financial assets during a divorce

As you may be learning from experience, the divorce process can be incredibly stressful. Not only can a divorce be emotionally distressing, but it can also have a negative impact on your finances. If you're not careful, you can make mistakes that will impact your financial situation for the rest of your life. Here are a few tips that should help you protect your financial assets during a divorce.