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May 2016 Archives

Child custody dispute between singer and rapper continues

Child custody disputes in New Jersey and throughout the U.S. can be complex and affect anyone. Often, those embroiled in a custody dispute are featured in the news because they are famous, wealthy or prominent. Such is the case with the singer Ciara and the rapper Future when it comes to their 2-year-old son. The couple has been battling over custody and the latest is that the judge is apparently preparing to give joint legal custody to the parents.

The top 3 financial mistakes women make during a divorce

Getting a divorce can take an emotional and physical toll on a person, but it can also take a financial toll. Often, the biggest financial hardship is placed on the woman, especially if she has been dependent on her husband for income and support. Even women who work outside the home find that they can be taken advantage of in a divorce, but there are ways to mitigate the damage. That starts with understanding the top financial mistakes that women make during a divorce, so those mistakes can be avoided.

Retirement plans and property division

New Jersey residents who are going through a divorce may find that the property division stage becomes complicated when it comes to retirement plans that are owned by one of the parties. There are a variety of different types, and there is often no way to know how evenly they may be divided until they have been closely examined.