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December 2015 Archives

Creating a holiday child custody plan during divorce

Holidays can be a tough time for New Jersey parents going through a divorce. Many parents want extra time around the holidays with the children, causing many court dockets to get backed up around this time of year. It's a good idea for parents to negotiate a parenting plan to avoid arguments about who gets to see the children on important holidays before problems occur.

Divorce and bankruptcy may affect each other

When a couples in New Jersey divorce, they normally understand that their property will be divided. If a bankruptcy petition is also filed, the bankruptcy will take precedence over any property and asset division order from the family court in the divorce.

BIA wades into middle of custody battle

People in New Jersey may be interested to learn about the latest twist in a child custody battle between a grandmother of two Native American children and their father. The father reportedly was granted temporary custody of his two children in a state court proceeding in Minnesota. A tribal court in Montana, however, had given the grandmother temporary guardianship of the children.

Why is a prenuptial agreement necessary? Here are three reasons

If you are in the process of getting married, you are probably busy with the wedding, reception and even the catering. Unfortunately, because of the staggering number of decisions and the euphoria surrounding the wedding, you may be like many couples and avoid discussing whether you should get a prenuptial agreement to address what would happen if the marriage ended.