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August 2019 Archives

Mistaken perceptions in custody cases involving divorce

As some New Jersey parents have discovered, fighting for custody when there are allegations of abuse is often an emotional, lengthy and costly process that is surrounded by mistaken perceptions. While it is often thought that courts favor mothers in these cases, the data suggests that fathers are actually the ones who seem to be favored in cases where abuse on the part of the father is alleged and where the father claims parental alienation.

Where a parent lives could influence a custody ruling

A parent's living situation could play a key role in how a child custody case is decided in New Jersey or any other state. A judge wants to know that a child will be safe while living with a mother or father. Therefore, parents can improve their chances of obtaining custody by showing that they live in a safe neighborhood or by moving to a safe neighborhood.

How to develop an effective parenting plan

There are many issues you have to contend with during the divorce process. The Philly Voice recently ran a column about how alimony is generally the most contentious issue in a divorce. While determining alimony does usually take up a lot of time in court, there is another issue you need to be ready for: child custody. 

How to get ready for child custody proceedings

Parents in New Jersey who are seeking custody of their kids will first need to attend a child custody hearing. A judge will base his or her decision on state law and other factors that are unique to a given case. For instance, parents can show that they have spent time with the child by producing visitation logs. Parents can also show that they have supported a child financially by producing copies of checks made out to the other parent.