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May 2018 Archives

Negative effects of child support on African-American families

In 2015, an African-American man was fatally shot as he ran away from a police officer in South Carolina. According to his brother, he attempted to evade arrest due to unpaid child support. Many men who make less than $10,000 per year face jail, loss of driving privileges or other consequences because they cannot afford to pay the amount determined by the court. African-American men in New Jersey and elsewhere in the country are disproportionately represented in this demographic.

Benefits amicable divorce can offer those with high net worth

Like many New Jersey residents, you might be putting off a divorce you know is coming, out of fear that your spouse will take you to the cleaners. Contentious and lengthy divorces can certainly be draining on the pocketbook, especially for those with complex assets to sort out. It may be worthwhile to consider one of the amicable divorce options available before resigning yourself to the assumption that you are destined for a court battle.