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January 2015 Archives

Language becomes an issue in child custody plan

When New Jersey parents work to decipher details of a parenting plan or visitation details, there are many individual decisions that must be worked out and discussed, sometimes with court intervention. One recent child custody situationin a southern state has garnered attention as the courts have had to take up the cause of what language a parent may use to speak with a child. The case involves a mom who has daily phone contact with her child and wishes to speak Spanish only to that child. 

High-asset divorce makes news as wife rejects check

The divorce process can become extremely complicated, as it can be difficult or contentious to split up a household and assets after decades of marriage. For one couple, the enormity of the amount of assets has landed their divorce in the news recently. The couple's high-asset divorce is newsworthy, even more now that the ex-wife has rejected a settlement of nearly a billion dollars. Any New Jersey couple embroiled in a high-asset divorce may want to follow how the case unfolds.