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June 2017 Archives

Signs your spouse may be hiding assets

One sneaky tactic that your spouse may use as financial protection during your divorce is hiding assets. Many people in New Jersey resort to hiding assets before and during their divorces, not realizing that it is illegal and unethical for them to do so. Many of them also do not understand how it impacts the property division process. Your divorce situation may already be stressful enough without you having to worry about your spouse trying to cheat you out of your fair share of the marital property and assets. 

Steps for getting custody of a sister or brother

If a New Jersey child's parents dies or are unfit and the child has an older sibling, that sibling might want custody of the child. In order to get custody, the child must be under 18 and the sibling must be legally emancipated or at least 18. In both cases, a sibling must provide proof of being able to financially care for the child and provide a stable environment. In the latter case, the sibling might also have to prove that the parents are unable to take care of the child or are putting the child in danger.

How nesting may be beneficial for children

New Jersey parents who are getting a divorce but whose relationship is still relatively amicable may be interested in an approach to joint custody known as "nesting". While in a traditional joint custody arrangement children generally move back and forth between their parents' homes, nesting allows them to remain in the family home while the parent do the rotating in and out.