Buying a New Jersey home with termite damage

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Termites cause damage that could destroy a New Jersey home. Termites prefer to eat wood but will also eat clothing, paper, mold, soil and animal feces. Termites are detrimental to a home, but there are things to consider before walking away from that home with termite damage.

Where the termite damage is located

Termite damage usually puts an end to real estate transactions. However, depending on where the damage is located, buying a home with termite damage could be worth considering. If the termites haven’t damaged the floor joists or any of the main home supports, the damage is likely minimal.

Benefits to buying a home with termite damage

Homes with termite damage often carry a discounted price tag. Sellers know that termite damage is often a dealbreaker. To attract buyers, sellers will sometimes lower the price of the home with the damage.

As a part of the deal, you can ask the seller to repair the damage. In addition to repairing the damage, the seller should fix the problem that attracted the termites. For example, overgrown vegetation and standing water attract termites. If these conditions exist on the property, the seller should repair them before you agree to the sale.

Is the damage repairable?

Most termite damage is repairable. But some termites, like the Formosan termite, can damage a home beyond repair if the damage has gone on for too long. You’ll need to know if the damage is cosmetic or structural. Because of this, getting an inspection from a reliable pest control company is crucial.

Termite damage and real estate are usually an unfortunate combination. If termites have damaged the home that you want to purchase, consider using it as a bargaining tool. However, it’s a good idea to consider the details surrounding the damage before moving forward.



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