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July 2014 Archives

Preparing for consultations with a divorce attorneys

Hiring a divorce attorney is serious business. The attorney you choose will be charged with representing your interests during one of the most important legal processes you will likely ever navigate. As a result, it is not generally advisable to simply hire a family law attorney at random. It is preferable to research potential candidates and schedule consultations with those individuals you believe may be a good fit for you and your unique circumstances.

Divorce from Bed and Board is an option for some couples

While most people seeking a divorce understand that it dissolves the marriage, many are unaware that they can opt for what is known as a "Divorce from Bed and Board."  A Divorce from Bed and Board (known as a "limited divorce") is when a married couple decide to live separately, generally under the terms of a written agreement which arrangement is sanctioned by the court. With such an arrangement, parties can agree on child custody, distribute assets and debts as well as obtain child support and alimony.

Preparing to file for divorce

If you have been thinking about divorce but haven’t yet filed the paperwork or informed your spouse, a number of things may be holding you back. Many of us don’t know what the “right” time will be; we just know that right now is not it.