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November 2017 Archives

Retirement can face an impact from divorce

The end of a marriage can be an emotionally and logistically difficult time for spouses in New Jersey. More than that, however, it can also be a particularly challenging time for figuring out how to handle financial pressures. This can be of concern to people who choose to divorce later in life, especially as the divorce rates have risen for Americans over 40 and doubled for couples over 50 years old.

Leaving a violent marriage

Domestic violence is a common cause of divorce. To be granted a divorce in New Jersey, the spouse who filed for divorce must state a reason he or she is asking for the divorce. Examples of grounds for divorce include extreme cruelty, desertion, adultery and irreconcilable differences. A no-fault divorce may be granted if the parties have been separated for 18 consecutive months, and there is no chance for reconciliation.