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June 2019 Archives

How to structure a financially sound divorce settlement

It is important for individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere to consider the financial ramifications of a divorce settlement. For instance, it may not be smart to keep the marital home as it can be expensive to maintain. Furthermore, property and mortgage interest deduction caps may limit the tax benefits of owning a home. It is also worth noting that capital gains exceptions are higher for married couples as opposed to single individuals.

Should you join a divorce support group?

There is a lot you will ask yourself if you ever go through a divorce. You will have questions related to child custody and how you will divide your retirement savings. However, there are some questions you may not immediately ask yourself but are nonetheless important. One such question could be, "Should I go to a divorce support group?"

Co-parenting and sharing child custody in the summer

Two-household summers can be stressful for children with divorced parents in New Jersey. This is also a time when there's no longer the structure of school and other routines that normally fit neatly into a prearranged scheduled. However, summers can still be relaxing and enjoyable for children sharing time with both parents who take the right approach to co-parenting.