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December 2018 Archives

Handling retirement accounts during a divorce

When people in New Jersey decide to divorce, they may be concerned about the future of their retirement accounts. Many couples have saved a significant amount in their 401(k)s, IRAs and similar plans to the extent that these are often the largest assets held by a divorcing couple. As a result, the division of these funds can be a contentious issue; one survey of divorce attorneys found that retirement assets were one of the top three subjects of conflict during the end of a marriage.

Issues that commonly decide child custody cases

When parents in New Jersey or any other state choose to end their relationship, they must still take an active role in raising their children together. Parents may be granted custody based on their mental and financial stability as well as their ability to raise a child. In some cases, the children themselves will get a chance to voice their opinion in a custody hearing.

Tips for divorced parents to enjoy the holiday season

Many divorced parents in New Jersey struggle with emotional distress related to the dissolution of a marriage, but the holidays can be especially difficult in shared child custody situations. Children often want to spend time with both parents and their extended family members over the holidays, but time is usually tight, and stress is already high. This creates anxiety for both parents and children, and it can also be difficult to explain to children that custody and visitation orders are still in effect during the holiday season.