Client Reviews

  • Silvana combines the rare quality of being well-versed in legal matters, professional and caring all in one. She displays compassion, kindness and generosity of spirit while also understanding that, at times, one must step in, stand one’s legal ground and competitively represent a client. I hired Silvana and she was my attorney for over 2 years. I could not be happier with my choice. I highly recommend her and feel that she is making the legal world a better place in a field that is emotionally charged.
  • Three years ago, we were dragged into very serious legal difficulties by a concrete mason who was working on our house. Having had a great experience in the past with Silvana Raso, whom we had previously hired to represent us with a variance, we consulted with her once again. We are so fortunate that we did.
    The situation became horribly complicated, and really affected us in many ways. Throughout it all, Ms. Raso was a wonderful stabilizing influence. She has a confident and calming demeanor, and you always feel that she is acting in your best interests. Ms. Raso always treated us fairly with respect to her billing. In a crisis, she makes herself available to her clients. She is meticulous to a fault, always ensuring that all paperwork is in order. Her innovative approach to unexpected occurrences was helpful on many occasions. However, where Ms. Raso really shines is in the courtroom. We went to a full jury trial because the plaintiff in our case refused to attempt mediation. Ms. Raso is such a sincere and earnest person that the jury really gave her their full attention. She is an incredibly skilled trial lawyer. The result of the weeklong trial was that the plaintiff was awarded nothing on his claim, while we were awarded the full amount on our counterclaim! My wife and I swear by Ms. Raso, and would recommend using her as your attorney in any legal situation imaginable. Not only is she a fantastic attorney, but she is also a caring, exemplary, and ethical human being.
  • Silvana is and has always been an excellent, professional and extremely caring attorney. I have had the opportunity to work with her on several occasions. I cannot say enough good things about her. I feel fortunate to have her always ready to hit the ground running thus alleviating my worries.
  • Silvana Raso and her associate, Danielle Cardone, represented me in a contentious (and very sudden) divorce. With their support, I was able to get out of a difficult marriage on my own terms. Silvana and Danielle negotiated a great deal for me in a very short amount of time, saving me a lot of money in legal fees and a lot of emotional distress. I am now on to a much happier, and stress free life. They are the best!
  • Silvana Raso is a pro. I had the fortune of having her work with my wife and I through a very difficult experience — being robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home construction project. Silvana listened first and then led my wife and I through a two year legal process with a successful outcome. My wife and I were very pleased with all the work Silvana did on our behalf and we highly recommend her!
  • My family and I have sought the legal services of Silvana Raso for a number of years now. Her firm and team provide excellent counsel that is grounded in experiences and practicality. Silvana exemplifies flexibility and is understanding of her client’s needs and objectives. She maintains professionalism and integrity in all aspects of her interactions while being personable and empathetic. She is a great lawyer and leader and would definitely seek the services of her and her firm again.
  • Silvana is a consummate professional who I felt confident in putting my
    matters in her hands. Knowledgeable and hardworking and I would
    enthusiastically recommend her to others.
  • Silvana is a caring individual, who respects the feelings of those involved in your case, while at the same time will fight “Tooth and Nail” to get you all you deserve. Truly a fine human being.
  • Silvana is a very knowledgeable attorney. Her areas of expertise are way too numerous to mention. She has an ability to manage numerous projects with the highest level of professionalism and success. Silvana is incredibly responsive and focused on every detail at all times. I believe she is one of a kind and recommend her highly.
  • John A. Schepisi is probably the best litigator I know. If ever you have a lawsuit against someone, or you’re fighting a powerful, large corporation, and it’s one of the most important things in your life, you want the best in your corner, and that person is John. He gets the job done!!
  • John Schepisi is unquestionably one of the most credible and professional attorneys that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with.
  • John Schepisi has been our lawyer for 40 years. During this time, he and his talented associates have handled every legal matter we’ve been faced with. His talent, expertise and compassion are unparalleled in the industry.
  • I have known John for many years and have used his services both personally and in business. He and his firm have always been excellent in bringing in satisfactory results.
  • John is the type of legal mind that can translate complex legal matters into simple and understandable explanations and solutions. He is intelligent, funny and ethical. He produces results and is beloved both by his clients and the larger legal community.