Child custody dispute between singer and rapper continues

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Child custody disputes in New Jersey and throughout the U.S. can be complex and affect anyone. Often, those embroiled in a custody dispute are featured in the news because they are famous, wealthy or prominent. Such is the case with the singer Ciara and the rapper Future when it comes to their 2-year-old son. The couple has been battling over custody and the latest is that the judge is apparently preparing to give joint legal custody to the parents.

Ciara has been seeking sole custody. She also filed a defamation suit for $15 million due to Future making negative comments about her on his social media accounts. After the case for custody began, the derogatory posts began and he implied that she was trying to keep him away from their child.

The judge was not swayed by Ciara’s argument that she should be granted sole custody. The case is being heard in California. In that state, the courts lean toward giving joint legal custody in these situations. This allows both parents to have a say in major decisions regarding their child, such as education and health care. It is different from joint physical custody.

Even if joint legal custody is awarded, its details can vary from the couple deciding on the child’s schooling to Ciara being prevented from living at too great a distance from Future. Ciara has one child and Future has four. Considering the difficult nature of this case and similar situations, couples that share a child may want to speak with their respective family law attorneys about the various child custody issues that could arise.

Source: Jezebel, “Ciara and Future Are Reportedly Headed Toward Joint Custody of Baby Future“, Julianne Shepherd, May 17, 2016



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