What factors are considered for child support?

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The divorce process becomes more complex when there is a child involved. Both parents are still responsible for taking care of their child until adulthood, even after the divorce. Child support is one issue that separating parents might find confusing. What should be considered in calculating child support? Fortunately, the New Jersey court set out guidelines for computing child support. 

The New Jersey Court’s Child Support Guidelines follows an income shares model, highlighting the importance of shared financial responsibility among parents. This means that, taking into consideration the income of each parent, child support is the pooled amount that the child would have if the family remained “intact.” Here are the important items that are accounted for in determining the amount of child support:  

  • Housing: This includes all expenses needed to maintain a home, including rent, maintenance and security fees, appliances and furniture, and other supplies needed.  
  • Food: This includes all food and non-alcoholic beverages bought, whether it is eaten at home or outside. 
  • Clothing: This refers to all clothing bought, including costs for repairs, alterations, and cleaning. 
  • Transportation: All costs for owning and maintaining an automobile, as well as costs related to public transit.  
  • Health care: This refers to medical and dental expenses, including medicines. Health insurance is an exemption.  
  • Entertainment: These are expenses related to social events, lessons, or other recreational hobbies. 
  • Miscellaneous items: Other expenses to ensure the best interest of the child, like personal care services and products, are classified as miscellaneous items.  

While the list does not include expenses for education, the law expects separating parents to consider this in their agreement. The court could also recommend including this as a supplemental expense. 

Divorce not only affects the couple, but it also affects the whole family. Child support ensures that their child continues to live a healthy and comfortable life. If you are unsure how to proceed with arrangements on child support, it is always best to reach out to a family law attorney. 



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