Working together for successful co-parenting

| Sep 12, 2018 | Child Custody |

New Jersey parents who decide to divorce may face some special challenges. Because the parents are still connected through their children despite their differences and relationship problems, each parent will still need to maintain a connection with the other. Successful co-parenting is important to help the children move on from the divorce and still feel supported by both parents. When the parents are committed to working together in the interests of the children, the divorce process may be less high-conflict and the kids will feel more secure with both of their parents.

A co-parenting agreement can be an important step toward a successful future of joint child-rearing, especially as it can be finalized as part of the divorce. A family law attorney might be able to help divorcing parents to create a parenting plan that includes key decisions about who will be responsible for major parts of the child’s life. It will lay out where the child will live, what the custody schedule will be and how the parents will exchange the child during parenting time. In addition, the plan can address how parents will resolve disputes and how holidays will be shared.

While a divorcing parent may not even want to think about a former spouse, the children generally want to maintain their relationship with both parents. In the absence of abuse, it is important for each parent to encourage the child’s love, closeness and connection with the other parent. This can include refraining from negative talk about a former partner and ensuring that divorced parents communicate directly rather than through the child.

Transitioning to co-parenting can be challenging, yet rewarding. A family law attorney might work with a divorcing parent to develop a child custody and parenting schedule that works in the best interests of the children, as well as resolving issues about child support, financial responsibility and other matters.



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