Raising children after the divorce

| Jul 30, 2018 | Child Custody |

For New Jersey parents who have decided to seek a divorce, it is vital to ease the transition for the children. This often involves developing a co-parenting plan for after the divorce.

Even once the child custody issues are settled and a parenting plan is drafted, there might be questions about how to proceed. Co-parenting can be challenging, but when both parents keep their children’s best interests at heart, they can find success. For this, they will need to maintain open and honest communication with each other and their kids. The communication between the parents should be as tension-free as possible, and one way to achieve this is to avoid face-to-face contact. Email and text messages as well as family communication apps could all help reduce tensions. These methods also provide a written record of all communication between the parents that can be used as evidence if they ever need to go to family court.

The communication between the children and parents should be open and honest, but also positive. One should avoid speaking badly about their ex-spouse or giving the children false hope of a possible reunion between the parents. In addition, they should be ready to answer the many questions children will have about the divorce honestly while still attempting to promote a healthy relationship with the other parent.

Parents might also consider hiring a lawyer who can help them while they negotiate child custody issues. The lawyer can offer legal representation and explain the steps, forms and laws related to the process.



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