Steps to take to obtain full custody of a child

| Feb 28, 2018 | Child Custody |

There is a perception that mothers have better odds of obtaining custody of children in a divorce. However, fathers in New Jersey have the right to seek and obtain custody of their children as well. Those who are seeking custody may benefit from keeping good records related to how much time and money they spent to support the child.

When awarding custody, a judge will want to know the extent of the current relationship between the parent and child. Therefore, parents should be open to answering any questions in an open and honest manner. The goal is to convince the judge that awarding them custody is in the best interests of the child. During the legal decision process, it’s important that a parent let the court do its job.

Ideally, parents will simply do their best to be there for their children. By trying to influence the process, a parent could actually undermine their chances of getting custody. Therefore, it’s important to avoid taking drastic action such as emotionally abusing a spouse. Parents should also refrain from taking the children without cause or moving in with a romantic partner.

While a custody dispute may be an emotional event for a parent, it’s often best to avoid making decisions in an emotional manner. An attorney could help a parent make rational decisions during the process. For example, the lawyer could advise a client as to the potential consequences of talking about the case with others in any way. With proper legal assistance, a parent may be more likely to obtain a favorable outcome.



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