Making consistent rules after a divorce

| Sep 18, 2017 | Child Custody |

When New Jersey parents of young children are getting divorced, they may be focused on many different things. They may need to worry about property division, spousal and child support, child custody, and parenting time. An important part of the child custody portion of a divorce is making certain that the children’s best interests are protected. One way to do this is to agree on consistent rules that both parents will implement in their respective homes.

Children’s lives are disrupted when their parents get divorced. If their parents are also unable to get along, the children may be emotionally harmed by the conflict. When the parents are able to establish similar rules for their children that they both follow in their homes, the children may feel more comfortable because they will know what their expectations are.

The parents might want to discuss the rules during mediation and try to come to an agreement about different rules, including bedtimes, limits on video games and television, appropriate dress and homework schedules. Children who see that their parents are able to agree on their rules may be better adjusted because their parents respect each other.

It is common for a divorce to involve strong emotions. If parents can refocus their attention by prioritizing their children’s needs, they may be able to step back from their interpersonal conflicts and make joint decisions that offer the most benefit for the children. A parent who is divorcing might want to ask a family law attorney to help view the situation in a more logical manner so that the child can be the primary focus. Children may be harmed when they are used as weapons by the parents. Parents should realize that they will need to be able to work together for years while their children grow.



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