Parents may have trouble sharing child custody

| Apr 29, 2016 | Child Custody |

When a New Jersey couple decides to get a divorce, it can be difficult to determine where the kids will spend the majority of their time. Even if both parents receive roughly equal physical custody, one parent often ends up calling the shots. This can result with this parent having control over the other parent.

In many cases, the parents who have the kids a minority of the time are often only given essential information if the controlling patient is willing to share, even when joint legal custody has been awarded. For example, both parents are often entitled to attend school events and other important appointments, such as doctor visits. However, the controlling parent might fail to disclose when those appointments or events are coming up.

If one parent is granted primary physical custody, the other parent may not be given the opportunity to spend enough time with their kids. It can come down to whether the custodial parent allows the other parent to have more than the time allotted by the visitation order. Further, the non-custodial parent may even have trouble getting the kids for extended periods so they can take go on vacation or spend special events together.

Child custody disputes can be harmful for both the parents and their children. Even though family law attorneys will tell their clients that the best interests of the child are what should be paramount, far too often parents think it is a battle with a winner or a loser. In some cases, mediation may be an appropriate way to handle this type of matter.



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