How does divorce impact a child’s future relationships?

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A child has a front row seat to their parent’s divorce. Whether the marital split is amicable or ridden with conflict, it inevitably entails significant life changes. As these unfold during a child’s formative years, they may carry their parents’ modeled relationship into adulthood.

In fact, a study shows that children of divorce have a slightly elevated chance of divorcing themselves. However, it also quickly points out that parental divorce is not the sole determinant of how a child’s eventual marriage pans out. Other factors, such as the severity of discord and financial status, may also come into play.

Knowing how divorce can affect how a child builds relationships later in life can help parents determine how to reduce potentially negative consequences.

A divorce’s ripple effects on a child vary

There have been several discussions on how divorce can adversely impact a child’s future connections, and some of the most common effects include:

  • Poor communication skills
  • Low commitment levels
  • Physically aggressive behaviors
  • Increased sexual risks

Another research reveals that divorce can also positively transform a child’s perspective, strengthening their outlook regarding loving and loyal relationships. Their challenging experiences may also expedite the development of their maturity and independence.

Preserving a child’s view of love

There is no cut and dry answer as to how a child will form relationships as an adult after living through their parents’ failed marriage. However, parents can control how they raise their child and create an environment that shows them what love can look like amid changing family dynamics. As their child’s needs continue to evolve, parents can turn to their New Jersey legal counsel for support and guidance.



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