Should you appeal your property tax bill?

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Property tax is an expected part of homeownership, but an unanticipated increase can leave you reeling.

If you believe your property tax is too high, you can appeal to have it lowered under certain circumstances. Ask yourself these three questions to determine if you should appeal your property tax bill.

Is your home or land overvalued?

The value of your property determines the amount of property tax you owe, but overvaluation is common. You may want to pursue an appeal if you believe your tax bill overassesses the value of your home.

An independent assessment of your home and property is important to help you prove your case. You should consider annual appraisals to prevent overvaluation in the future.

Do you qualify for an exemption?

New Jersey allows for exemptions for certain qualifying individuals, including disabled veterans. Deductions may be possible under other circumstances.

You will need to apply directly for any property tax benefits. You may want to appeal if you qualify for an exemption or deduction but have not yet filed for one.

Are you appealing within the deadline?

If you want to file an appeal, you have a limited time frame to do so. This deadline will vary locally. You also have the option to appeal your county tax board’s determination to the New Jersey tax courts but must do so within 45 days of the local decision.

An appeal may seem like an intimidating process, but the right legal strategy can improve your chances of a successful appeal.



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