Why should you discuss a prenup ASAP?

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You feel elated that you and your significant other want to marry each other and start the next chapter of your lives together in New Jersey. While you plan your wedding, have you considered discussing a prenuptial agreement? 

Acorns offers several reasons why it is a good idea to talk about a prenup with your betrothed sooner rather than later. Learn how early conversations on the matter benefit you both equally. 

Reduce the risk of overlooking details

By talking about a prenup with your fiancé well before you walk down the aisle, you both have plenty of time to look over the document to ensure that you both agree to everything in it. Also, you both can double-check that you listed all your most current debts, assets and investments. 

Protect yourselves in court

By waiting until the last second to talk about and sign a prenup, you risk your partner claiming in court that s/he signed the agreement under duress. If the court finds the claim valid, it could open up the possibility of a legal challenge. Relieve the pressure to sign for you both by raising the matter now. 

Discuss an equal agreement

It could take you and your soon-to-be-spouse time to reach what you each feel is a fair agreement. You may disagree about how you want to split your debt or assets, especially shared assets like a marital home. Depending on the extent of the issue, compromising may take months rather than days. 

Signing a prenup does not mean that a couple foresees a disastrous marriage. Bringing up the conversation ASAP gives you both plenty of time to learn more about the benefits and enjoy them. 



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