How does joint custody benefit everyone?

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New Jersey parents have a lot to handle during a divorce. You must make sure your own affairs are in order. You also need to settle the affairs of your children. This includes deciding what type of custody to hold. 

Everyone wants what is in the best interest of the child. For that reason, courts may suggest you consider joint custody. Today, we will discuss the various benefits of this form of custody. 

Does shared custody benefit parents? 

VeryWell Family discusses how shared custody benefits the whole family. For parents, it provides the stability of a two income parenting style. You do not need to face the hurdles a single parent would. You have support to fall back on if you need it. This is true for finances. It is also true if you need help with parenting tasks. 

For children, many studies show the benefits of joint custody. For example, children of sole custody often have more behavioral problems. They lash out at authority. They do not connect with peers as well. They may become argumentative and combative. Many also suffer from mental health issues. This includes anxiety and depression. 

How shared custody helps kids 

By comparison, shared custody kids often have more stability at home. Because of that, they are able to cope with a divorce in a healthier way. It does not interfere with their interactions as much. They do not develop as many behavioral or emotional problems. 

Sharing the burden of divorce is important. So is sharing life after divorce. In doing this, you help keep your family supported. This allows your child to grow up in a healthy way. 



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