Consider the kids when creating a parenting schedule

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Child Custody |

When it comes time to develop a parenting schedule, exes in New Jersey should recognize that the process is for the children. Parents should do their best not to make it about their own conveniences. Furthermore, the process shouldn’t be about getting revenge on an ex or winning a battle.

The purpose of a parenting schedule is to promote and support the child’s relationships with both parents. This requires compromise. Often, parents make mistakes by overvaluing their own convenience to the detriment of the child’s experience. Another mistake parents make is keeping track of the sacrifices they’re making and comparing them to those of the other parent. The truth is that both parents should be sacrificing; that’s a big part of raising children.

Additionally, the parenting schedule is not a chance to get back at the other parent. It shouldn’t be about sabotaging the ex’s personal life or career by creating situations that carry heavy costs for them.

Furthermore, it’s a mistake for a parent to assume that they are the only one who is qualified. Parents who have more experience dealing with meltdowns or homework will benefit from the other parent learning to deal with these situations as well. Adapting to distinct parenting styles can help a child grow into a well-rounded adult.

In a case where parents are attempting to come to an agreement regarding custody schedules, legal counsel may be able to assist. A lawyer with experience in family law might help the parties develop a parenting plan that meets everyone’s needs. Legal counsel could also negotiate child custody agreements.



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