Aisha Tyler’s amicable divorce settlement

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | High Asset Divorce |

New Jersey residents who are ending their marriage and have a lot of marital assets to divide might look to the case of Aisha Tyler’s divorce settlement as a way to reach an agreement with an ex-spouse without court coercion. The television and movie personality reached a settlement agreement with her ex-husband that both found fair and just.

According to sources, Tyler agreed to pay her ex-husband $2 million in spousal support. The two agreed to split their community property evenly, and $500,000 of the $2 million will be paid up front as a way to equalize the community property division, with the remaining amount paid in installments of $31,250 monthly for the next four years. Payments do cease if either Tyler or her ex-husband pass away or if he chooses to remarry. As it can sometimes be the case with high-asset divorce, the ex-spouses will keep their individual companies. Tyler has reported that she agreed to the payment because she felt it was fair and the two will remain friends after the divorce.

Originally, Tyler’s ex-husband filed for divorce without asking for spousal support. However, he reserved the right to ask for support later. He cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. The ex-spouses plan to sell their home and split their profits and they will each keep their vehicles.

The division of property in high asset divorces can often become complicated and emotional. However, it is possible for couples to separate and divide their property amicably. In such cases, they may want their respective attorneys to review the agreement before it is submitted to the court.



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