Child’s education can be a factor in custody matters

On Behalf of | May 21, 2015 | Child Custody |

A child’s education can be remarkably impactful on the child. The quality of the education a child receives can have all sorts of effects on both the child’s present and future.

Many things can potentially have significant impacts on a child’s education. One such thing is what happens regarding child custody if the child’s parents divorce. What sort of child custody arrangement is established for a child of divorcing parents can affect what school the child ends up going to. What school a child ends up going to after their parents divorce can impact both the continuity and quality of the child’s educational experience.

Thus, it may not come as a big surprise that issues regarding a child’s education can have impacts in divorce-related child custody cases here in New Jersey. Under state law, the continuity and quality of the child’s education is one of the factors courts are to consider when making child custody decisions.

Thus, given the impact a child’s situation regarding education can have on the child and on child custody matters regarding the child, issues regarding their child’s education are among the things it can be very important for a divorcing parent to carefully think about when coming up with their overall approach for a child custody matter. Divorcing parents here in New Jersey who have questions about what impacts their child’s education situation and other factors could have on child custody matters in their divorce should consider discussing this topic with an experienced divorce lawyer.



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