Single parents, avoid certain behaviors online

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Over the past several years, more and more people have chosen to become connected via social media. Adults of all ages now regularly Tweet, use Facebook, network on LinkedIn and browse various Internet dating sites. Social media is often an easy and accessible way to remain social, even if you are a single parent and have little time to fully develop your social life. However, it is important that if you use social media sites that you keep certain tips in mind. Failure to do so could compromise your child custody arrangements.

How could online activity imperil your child custody situation? Essentially, your child’s other parent could potentially use anything you say and do online against you in court. He or she could use pictures of you drinking, engaging in suspect behaviors or pictures of you present in certain social situations as evidence of your unfitness as a parent. Similarly, he or she could use your online rants about him or her as evidence that you are an uncooperative co-parent.

In general, you should approach social media sites as if every single thing you post could be viewed by a judge. You should scrutinize what you write and what pictures you post as a judge would. This exercise can be tedious. However, it is ultimately a small price to pay in comparison to having your child custody arrangements challenged by your child’s other parent.

If you have questions about what kinds of behavior you should and should not engage in online, please do not hesitate to bring your questions to an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer who regularly works with divorced parents should be able to guide you through what kinds of behaviors may land you in hot water with a judge.

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