Details of a parenting plan that can work

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A benefit of creating a parenting plan in New Jersey is that it can be a peaceful transition for your children when they go between one home and the other parent’s home. In order for a plan to be successful, there should be communication between both parties. A mediator could be used as well if the parties involved are unable to come to a conclusion about the details that are often included in a successful plan.


If one parent has primary custody while the other parent only has visitation or only sees your children on the weekends, then the schedule that you make could be a bit easier. However, if you share child custody, then the schedule that’s made could include everything from vacation time and holidays to time that’s set aside for special events in school or with other family members. Consider the other parent’s job when making the plan as your children would need to have someone at home to care for them instead of being left alone all day.

Medical care

An important aspect of a parenting plan is the medical care that’s provided for your children. Make sure the other parent has the contact information for your child’s doctor and dentist as well as the preferred hospital in the event of an emergency.


Talk to your children about where they want to go to school as this is something that could be included in the parenting plan if the other parent is willing to take your children back and forth to school. Make notes on the calendar about workdays and holidays so that proper care can be put in place for when your children are out of school.

When making a parenting plan that’s successful, take into consideration the needs and wants of each party so that everyone can get something that they want while benefiting your children.



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