Do you need a child support order modification?

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Going through the divorce process in New Jersey can feel overwhelming. That’s why many people feel relief after their marriages are over. With that said, it’s common for parents to worry about how their children will remain taken care of in the long run. One way that parents can care for their children is by providing child support payments. With that in mind, here are times to consider requesting a child support modification.

An income change

In life, things can change fast. Considering that, one of the most common reasons for child support modifications happen if a parent experiences a change in their income. If one parent begins earning more money or inherits a large sum of money, a court can rule that this person has to pay more money towards child support. On the other hand, parents who earn less than they used to can request that their child support payments also come down.

Going to jail or prison

Sometimes, child support modifications happen because the payer becomes incarcerated. Since prisons typically house long-term inmates, this situation can put their child’s other parent in financial jeopardy.

Having new children

It’s not uncommon for adults to remarry and have children with other people. In certain situations, a parent with new children can petition the court to lower how much child support they pay to other children. If the court agrees, it can modify a parent’s child support payments to equal things out.

As you can see, there are several reasons why it’s wise to consider child support modifications. To do this, you’ll need to petition the court. But it’s worth it to make sure your child remains financially taken care of.



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