Bringing up prenups with your fiancé

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It’s very common for newly engaged couples in New Jersey to shy away from any discussions about prenuptial agreements. Although around half of marriages end in divorce, no one wants to think that their marriage is going to be on the failing side. Bringing up a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse is difficult, and the discussion should be handled carefully.

Put yourself in their shoes

You may be more open to prenuptial agreements if you’re aware of the financial havoc that not having one can cause. Even if you believe your marriage is going to last, you may want a prenup for a worst-case scenario.

Remember that your fiancé may think differently than you and may not have seen the examples of failed marriages that you’ve seen. Put yourself in their shoes before bringing up a prenup, and try to approach the conversation as delicately as possible.

Your finances could affect other people

Even if your fiancé is extremely hesitant about the idea of prenups, they may understand if you explain how your finances affect other people. For example, if you have business partners, they may want you to get a prenup in order to protect the business. If you have adult children from another marriage, they might want you to get a prenup to protect their inheritance.

Focus on how the prenup benefits both of you

Although it’s often the higher-earning spouse that has more interest in a prenup, no prenup should be one-sided. When bringing up the subject of prenuptial agreements, focus on how the prenup will benefit your spouse. Your prenup may include agreements about spousal support or a monetary penalty for infidelity. If your spouse sees that you are willing to give up something in the prenup, it could build more trust.



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