What is a baby prenup and should you create one?

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Some New Jersey couples decide to have prenups before they walk down the aisle. However, a baby prenup can help you when you decide to start a family. You should know what this is and how it’s different from a regular prenuptial agreement.

What is a baby prenup?

A baby prenup isn’t the same as a marriage prenup. Instead of focusing on property, your child is the focus. When you and your partner agree to have a baby, the contract can help with arranging agreements on how you will raise the child.

The baby prenup does more than simply determine important matters pertaining to your child if your relationship doesn’t last. It can also help you decide on parenting responsibilities that each of you will have when you have your child. Those may include everything from household tasks to nutrition to education to religious matters for the benefit of your child.

Is a baby prenup right for you?

A baby prenup isn’t necessarily the right option for everyone. Some couples might find it’s acceptable to have an open conversation about what they want in terms of their parenting responsibilities. However, others might feel comfortable having the contract as it outlines both parents’ responsibilities. Of course, circumstances can change unexpectedly, which can impact those matters.

If you and your partner have trouble with open and honest communication, a baby prenup might be the best option for you. Even some couples who have fully open lines of communication might have their minds more at ease with a baby prenup. Having the contract in place before the baby is even born could help with outlining what each parent should do once the baby arrives. It can be helpful in the event that certain important matters are forgotten later.



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