How to broach the prenup conversation with your partner

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Are you getting married in New Jersey and considering a prenuptial agreement? Is your partner uneasy about the conversation? You’re not alone; it’s a common scenario. However, leveraging a few communication tips may help the situation.

Prenups are becoming more commonplace

In your great-grandparents’ day, prenuptial agreements were something only wealthy people considered. Even among the well-heeled, prenups were rare back then.

But things are different these days. Divorce isn’t the taboo it once was, and people are more practical about preparing for worst-case scenarios. Additionally, people are getting married later in life and are more likely to have acquired property and assets before tying the knot.

Tips for broaching the prenup conversation

Though prenups are becoming more normative, it can still be challenging to broach the subject. However, using a few communication tactics can make the conversation more comfortable.

Talk about prenups before the engagement

Don’t wait until you’re engaged to talk about finances or prenups. When things get serious with your significant other, start bringing up the topic.

Don’t wing it

Before having the conversation, map out your reasoning. Presenting clear and logical arguments will help keep the discussion on an even keel. When you wing it, emotions can escalate quickly and become overwrought.

Stay optimistic

Some people have trouble discussing prenuptial agreements because it may feel like preparing for divorce. If your partner feels this way, explain that prenups are a simple precaution. Reassure them that there’s every reason to be hopeful about the longevity of your union. After all, according to statistics, only about 9% of New Jersey residents get divorced, so statistically speaking, the likelihood of your marriage lasting is high.

Staying calm is key. Try not to blow up or grow frustrated if your partner initially has trouble with the idea. With compassion as your guide, it’s possible to negotiate an agreement while enthusiastically planning the rest of your life together.



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