3 guidelines for using social media during your divorce

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Social media sites give you the opportunity to reconnect and maintain relationships with family members and friends, especially with those who live far away. And if you are like most other Americans, social media is part of your daily life.

In a recent survey, the Pew Research Center reported that approximately 7 out of 10 Americans use some form of social media. Even if you use social media sites infrequently, you should be careful about these online activities during the divorce process.

1. Refrain from venting online

During the divorce process, your spouse may do things that anger or frustrate you, and you may want to vent these frustrations online. However, you should talk through your feelings with a close friend or family member instead of publicly sharing these difficulties on the internet.

2. Change your passwords

Throughout your marriage, you likely shared a lot of your information with your spouse, including your passwords. Instead of hoping that your spouse will not try and access your social media accounts, change the passwords on all your profiles right away.

3. Manage your privacy settings

You cannot anticipate what other people will post about you on social media. Prevent anything from showing up on your profiles that you do not want on there by proactively managing your privacy settings.

Trying to manage your social media profiles on top of everything else during your divorce can be overwhelming. You may want to take a break from social media during your divorce and then ease back into using it when you start to move forward.



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