How can you make your custody transfer go smoothly?

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If you and your ex-spouse have a shared custody arrangement, you probably have to see him or her at least once a week to transfer physical custody of your kids. While your custody transfer does not have to be lengthy, it should ensure your children safely go to their co-parent with all necessary items.

Until they become customary, your custody transfers may be contentions. This is probably particularly true if you and your ex-spouse had an acrimonious divorce or child custody battle. To make your transfer go smoothly, you may want to address its parameters in your parenting plan.

Pick the right place

While your home and your ex-spouse’s residence may seem like ideal locations for custody transfers, you do not want to find yourself in the middle of a turf war. Because seeing an ex-partner in his or her new life can be awkward, you probably want to look for a neutral location. Your transfer site should also be as convenient as possible for both you and your ex.

Plan and pack early

If you arrive late to your custody transfer, your ex-spouse may not be in a happy mood. Therefore, to minimize conflict, you probably want to plan for the custody exchange and pack your children’s essential items well before the transfer time. If you must arrive late, communicating your delay to your children’s co-parent is probably a good idea.

Know the risk

If you fear your children’s co-parent may assault you or otherwise become violent, you must take steps to protect yourself and your kids. For custody transfers that have the potential to cause injury, swapping the children at a police station may make sense.

Ultimately, if you believe your ex-spouse is a danger to the kids during the custody transfer or at any other time, you may have legal grounds to file an emergency request for a custody modification.



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