How should you discuss your divorce with your children?

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After deciding to divorce, you and your ex-spouse may hesitate to talk to your children about the topic.

Knowing how to approach a serious conversation about divorce can help reduce your child’s stress and anxiety while also allowing for questions.

Plan ahead

According to Psychology Today, going into the conversation with part of it planned out may help you stay on topic. Writing down any important ideas you want to talk about before starting a discussion with your children is one way to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed.

Stay open to questions

After you begin to talk, your children may have a lot of questions about what comes next. They may wonder where they will live or if they will have to change schools. Being open to honest questions can help prevent children from feeling worried.

Giving short, direct answers that do not divulge too much unnecessary information is the best way to handle this. They do not need any details about what happened between you and your ex-spouse that may make them dislike or hold a grudge against him or her. Keep each explanation age-appropriate and factual.

Reassure them

While this discussion may mostly focus on what will change, make sure to tell your children that your love for them will never change. Spend extra time with them and make sure to watch for any signs of anxiety, such as an increase in arguments or lower grades in school.

While some children may act out after the news, others may become more withdrawn. Although some issues with anxiety can be hard to spot, staying supportive of your children during your divorce can help them feel more relaxed.



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