What can you do with a prenup?

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Prenuptial agreements establish a lot of boundaries at the top of a marriage. And even though you may be blissfully swept away by your spouse-to-be, these boundaries can help ease financial anxieties and, if it comes to it, make a painful divorce process easier.

These premarital contracts do not just protect you from property division woes, they can also help you within the marriage. As FindLaw notes, couples can benefit from other protections like avoiding debt allocation, clarifying property division in the case of unexpected death and establishing financial responsibilities for both parties. But are you locked in forever after you both sign the paper?

Considering the prenup
No matter your situation, a prenuptial agreement before marriage may be the first contract you step into. An exercise of both spouses putting aside those whirlwind emotions and making a decision as a couple. Establishing these protections does not make you love each other less.

Changing the prenup
Provided spousal agreement or circumstances that may elicit a change, a prenuptial contract is flexible. It may take some legal help and paperwork—but as people change and grow, so can their contracts.

Scrapping the prenup
If it turns out your original agreements and reservations do not make sense for your marriage, there is the option of removing or voiding the contract altogether. This hinges on a case-by-case basis, but it is an option.

Despite the myths and misconceptions, prenuptial agreements do not mean a marriage is dead on arrival. These contracts can lend peace of mind to a loving couple no matter your age, your finances or your situation. We encourage you to read about it more through our website.



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