Woman killed as a result of custody dispute

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Divorce proceedings in Englewood Cliffs may already be inherently emotional; throwing in the issue of the sharing of custody of a couple’s children may only serve to compound already strained feelings. It is for this very reason why custody matters can often be the most contentious portions of a divorce case. 

While it may be too much to ask parents to not get emotional about their kids, setting aside those emotions to work with their ex-spouse’s to come up with amicable custody agreements should be their shared goal. Failing to do so can not only delay proceedings but also cause increased bitterness on both sides. 

A tragic end to a custody dispute 

Sadly, that bitterness can often have catastrophic consequences. This fact was on full display when authorities responded to a call of an altercation at the apartment of an Ohio man. They arrived to find the body of his child’s mother behind the complex. He had evidently shot her several times when she had brought the child by for a visit. Although police reported that the man emerged brandishing a weapon upon their appearance on the scene, they reportedly arrested him without incident. He now faces aggravated murder charges; the child is in the custody of the local Children’s Services department. 

Bad endings for all those involved 

This case (and others like it) demonstrate how heated custody disputes can result in all sides involved losing (including the kids, who typically lose their relationships with both parents when such tragedies occur). While navigating through a complex (and potentially heated) custody case can be difficult, those involved in one may find that an experienced family law attorney can be a great source of assistance. 



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