AI helps find a home, but may not help a closing go smoothly

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Artificial intelligence software has made searching for a home online easier; both buyers and sellers may benefit. Listings attract interested parties quickly, and almost anyone can post an available house on a New Jersey real estate website. 

Programming tools allow a centralized listing to appear on numerous third-party websites that agents and brokers may also view. Once a visitor lands on a real estate website, applying personalized filters could help with finding the ideal property, as noted by Bankrate. When it is time to view a home in person, however, a potential buyer or seller may run into problems. 

Seeing a potential property in person 

Buyers and sellers can browse listings online and then contact the individual who initially posted the property. Whether requesting to view more pictures or driving by and seeing the home in person, buyers have an opportunity to determine what to do next without committing to a sale. 

If a potential buyer has the financial means to purchase the property, an individual may do so, but he or she may need to abide by the terms of the real estate listing’s website. The seller may have also left certain provisions undisclosed on the property’s listing that a buyer must agree to. 

Determining the terms of a sale 

Many licensed realtors list their properties online; sellers going at it alone, however, also post homes over the internet. While the do-it-yourself approach to buying or selling a property has grown in popularity, some legal issues may delay a closing. 

The Garden State does not require a residential real estate transaction to go through an agent. This means that a buyer needs to conduct his or her own property inspections. A home’s structure, heating system and plumbing should all undergo a thorough inspection before committing to a sale. 

Moving toward the closing 

detailed and ironclad agreement may prevent future troublesome issues in the event that a home does not meet its expectations. Effectively negotiating both a buyer’s and seller’s needs before a closing could help to ensure a smooth transaction. 



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