What to consider in a child custody case

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There are many questions that a New Jersey resident may need to consider when creating a child custody plan. In some cases, it is possible for both parents to share either joint or legal custody. It may also be possible to share both legal and physical custody. However, if one parent is not capable or willing to provide for the child, it might be best for the other to seek sole custody instead.

The parents may choose to decide on their own who gets custody of a child. If parents cannot come to an agreement on their own, the court will make the final decision as to who gets custody. It is possible for parents to come to a decision on their own with help from mediators or other outside counsel. This is often beneficial as it can allow the parents to retain control over decisions relating to their child and work toward creating a stable living environment.

In any child custody decision, the best interests of the child is the main consideration. This is generally true even if parents come up with an agreement on their own. Depending on the age and maturity of the child, he or she may be able to express a preference in a custody case.

Those who are going through a custody dispute might benefit from talking to an attorney. The lawyer could review the case and provide assistance in resolving the dispute. In some cases, this will mean negotiating outside of court in an effort to reach a favorable agreement that keeps the best interest of the child in mind. Legal counsel could also suggest mediators or other solutions to help resolve a matter without the need for a judge’s ruling.



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