Blac Chyna vows to co-parent after Kardashian’s Twitter tirade

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2017 | Child Custody |

New Jersey residents who follow the Kardashian family may be interested to learn that Blac Chyna, the model who has an 8-month-old baby with Rob Kardashian, was granted a restraining order on July 11. She had filed for the restraining order after Kardashian attacked her in a Twitter tirade that involved posting graphic content, nude photos and accusations regarding drugs and alcohol.

While restraining orders can have an influence on child custody agreements, Blac Chyna has gone on record to explain that it was she who had trouble with Kardashian, not the child. She said that she intended to work with the lawyers to determine how to continue to co-parent with Kardashian as he has been a great father.

Chyna also noted that Kardashian was never alone with the child when he had her as the former couple has two nannies who stay with the baby. Prior to Kardashian’s Twitter rant, the former couple had an unwritten agreement where Kardashian had the child for the first half of the week while Chyna had the child for the second half. One of the nannies assisted with picking and dropping the child off.

Even following a messy split, it is still important for any children involved to have the ability to establish strong relationships with both parents. When creating a child custody order or parenting plan, an attorney can work out an agreement with the other party on who will get the child when and how to deal with the child custody exchange.



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