Developing a long-distance parenting plan

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2016 | Child Custody |

Divorced parents in New Jersey and around the country are often able to put their personal differences aside and work together to raise their children. Separated couples often worry about the impact their choices will have on their children, and they may seek to make the process easier by developing parenting plans designed to keep disruptions to a minimum. This can be relatively simple to achieve when former spouses live in close proximity to one another. However, things can become more challenging when one parent moves away or enters into a new romantic relationship.

The travel involved in long-distance parenting can take a heavy toll, and few parents fully comprehend the additional pressures and stresses that will be involved with when they mull these decisions over. The situation can become even more acute when the parent who is not moving objects to any changes in the agreed parenting plan because they fear that even minor concessions will inevitably lead to more profound alterations later on.

These anxieties may be more pronounced when the move is accompanied by a new romantic relationship. Many experts agree that the best way for estranged parents to address these issues is to move beyond their fears and animosities and focus instead on the needs and emotional health of the children involved.

A family law attorney may understand how emotions can become heightened during child custody and visitation negotiations. In order to help a couple avoid conflict, the lawyer may suggest alternative approaches such as divorce mediation. An attorney could also advocate on behalf of a divorced parent in court when changes in custody or visitation arrangements may not be best for the children involved.



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