Talk to a lawyer if you’re concerned about high-asset divisions

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There is a common misconception across the nation — including here in New Jersey — that if you are a couple with a considerable amount of assets that you also have a prenuptial agreement. Unfortunately, as some here in Englewood know, this isn’t always the case. In fact, a couple might easily come into wealth later on in a marriage. By this time though it’s too late to sign a prenuptial agreement and a couple might not even have a postnuptial agreement on their radar.

But as anyone who has read about high-asset cases knows, the divorce process for wealthy people oftentimes results in contentions and bitter disputes about who should gets what and how much. Many times, these disputes are fueled by the fear of financial stability after the marriage has been dissolved, especially if one partner was responsible for a majority of the marital wealth.

If you are a high-asset individual who is at the beginning stages of the divorce process and have concerns about how your marital assets will be divided, you’re not alone. Lots of people have this concern. What might seem like a fair distribution of assets to the courts may seem unfair to a spouse, which can easily leave them concerned about their financial future. This is sometimes the reason why some people have stayed in marriages they are not happy with.

For those who are new to our blog and firm, we’d like you to know that we understand your concerns and are willing to explain New Jersey family law to you so that you can go into the divorce process with little to no fear. Because we’ve worked on high-asset divorce cases before, we know that disputes can lead to costly litigation that can take months or even years to resolve. This is why we will help you gather information that you can bring to negotiations to help you reach a fair settlement you’ll be happy with.



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