Petitions filed over support dispute in high-asset divorce

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When a divorce is filed, support may be an issue that causes arguments between the parties. Determining support will depend on a variety of factors and the couple’s assets may have to be valued before the case can move forward. New Jersey couples in the midst of a high-asset divorce may be interested in a recent case involving billionaire Ken Griffin and his wife who are in the middle of a divorce that is getting more complicated as it moves forward.

The couple had a prenuptial agreement. Typically, this would ensure spousal support and property division issues are handled in a fairly smooth manner. However, the wife is fighting to nullify the contract. She contends she signed the contract under coercion right before their wedding.

The husband is disputing the amount of support the wife is now saying is necessary for the care of the couple’s three children. The wife says she needs $1 million a month in order to ensure the children have the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. The husband believes this amount is geared more toward the wife’s lifestyle. The breakdown of expenses was made public recently. The wife says she needs $2,000 a month for stationery, money for private jet use, well over $6,000 for groceries and more for restaurant meals.

The itemization of expenses may be necessary if a high-asset divorce involves a dispute over support for either the spouse or the children. Disputing a prenuptial agreement may also make the divorce process longer and more contentious. When a New Jersey couple is at an impasse over support or the status of a prenuptial agreement, court intervention may be necessary and legal representation with experience in high-asset divorces may be beneficial also.

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