Child support woes? New Jersey has an app for that.

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2014 | Child Support |

As any parent in New Jersey who is trying to collect delinquent child support can tell you, it’s not easy to take time off work to visit or call the Child Support Enforcement Division, the agency which manages enforcement efforts, just to find out the status of payments due to that parent. This agency, despite its best efforts, is  overwhelmed with tens of thousands of cases, so getting an employee to provide updated information about the status of a case is challenging, on a good day. Now, a more efficient process has been designed to assist those who need to better track the status of money owed for child support.

With smartphones being used for everything, it’s no surprise that monitoring child support payments can also be done from an iPhone or Android. Thanks to an app offered by New Jersey’s Department of Human Services, parents looking to track whether payments have been made by to the Child Support Enforcement Division can simply swipe their smartphones to find out. 

The app also allows users to check payment status, track disbursements, monitor enforcement actions and even schedule hearings.  This enables those who may not have access to a desktop or laptop computer the ease of managing child support collection efforts electronically, and avoid the hassle of taking time off work to find out the status of collection efforts.  The information is updated daily, the app is free and is also available for the iPad.

While the app certainly won’t make a delinquent parent pay the monies that are owed, it will give the other parent more up to date information as to what has not been paid, so that enforcement efforts can be more quickly initiated by the Child Support Enforcement Division.



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