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A high-asset divorce in New Jersey can be complex

Regardless of the length of a New Jersey marriage, there will most likely be property to divide in any subsequent divorce proceedings. For those with significant assets, the process of dividing property can be particularly complex and is typically referred to as a high-asset divorce. Because of all that may be at stake, it is important to understand the distinction between premarital and marital property and how marital are typically handled in divorce proceedings.

A high-asset divorce in New Jersey can impact future finances

When a couple decides to split, there may be much more on the line than who gets the house and who gets the wedding china. A New Jersey couple who is pursuing a high-asset divorce should think about how divorce can impact finances now and in the future. Regardless of who earns the most or who gets the house, every aspect of a person's financial life can be altered by the split, even when it is completely amicable.