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Working together for successful co-parenting

New Jersey parents who decide to divorce may face some special challenges. Because the parents are still connected through their children despite their differences and relationship problems, each parent will still need to maintain a connection with the other. Successful co-parenting is important to help the children move on from the divorce and still feel supported by both parents. When the parents are committed to working together in the interests of the children, the divorce process may be less high-conflict and the kids will feel more secure with both of their parents.

Consider the kids when creating a parenting schedule

When it comes time to develop a parenting schedule, exes in New Jersey should recognize that the process is for the children. Parents should do their best not to make it about their own conveniences. Furthermore, the process shouldn't be about getting revenge on an ex or winning a battle.

Substance abuse could affect custody decisions

Substance abuse could have a significant impact on a person's judgment. When that person is a parent, it could put his or her children in danger. There are some things a parent could do if they suspect their children's other parent has been abusing alcohol or other drugs while the kids are with him or her. If a judge has not made a custody decision, a concerned parent may raise the issue in divorce court. However, if these decisions have already been made, a report could be made with New Jersey child protective services.

Visitation rights and child custody

New Jersey parents who have been denied custody might wonder why and whether they will be allowed visitation rights. Judges make custody decisions that are in the best interests of the child, but if a judge decides against awarding custody to one parent, that does not mean the judge thinks the child is not safe with that parent. A judge may choose to award custody to the other parent because that parent has been the child's main caregiver or as a way of minimizing disruption to a child's life.

Negative effects of child support on African-American families

In 2015, an African-American man was fatally shot as he ran away from a police officer in South Carolina. According to his brother, he attempted to evade arrest due to unpaid child support. Many men who make less than $10,000 per year face jail, loss of driving privileges or other consequences because they cannot afford to pay the amount determined by the court. African-American men in New Jersey and elsewhere in the country are disproportionately represented in this demographic.

The benefits of child custody mediation

When parents in New Jersey or any other state get a divorce, they could be faced with a variety of stressful emotions. Unfortunately, it can be harder to come to a custody agreement when a person is stressed and trying to win a court case. Instead of going to court, parents can mediate a child custody case.

Understanding child visitation schedules

When New Jersey parents split up or begin the divorce process, a child visitation schedule may be set so that the noncustodial parent gets to spend time with his or her children. In most cases, the child visitation schedule is ordered by the court and must be adhered to. If one or both parents violate the visitation order, there may be court penalties.

Steps to take to obtain full custody of a child

There is a perception that mothers have better odds of obtaining custody of children in a divorce. However, fathers in New Jersey have the right to seek and obtain custody of their children as well. Those who are seeking custody may benefit from keeping good records related to how much time and money they spent to support the child.