How long should I pay for child support in New Jersey?

| Dec 4, 2019 | Child Support |

In New Jersey, you can support your child until they leave school, attain 18 years, and become financially stable. The obligation to pay for child support after a divorce or separation will end as the court order that awards child support indicates or depending on what your settlement agreement suggests. When you are divorcing your other partner, both you and the other parent have to sit down and determine how much child support to be paying and when it should end. You should clearly define what will trigger emancipation. It can be if they graduate from college, turn 18 or when they find full-time employment, among other reasons.

If you and your partner are not coming to terms with the best time to end child support, you may involve a judge to help you make the decision. You can file a motion to emancipate your child if you think they are self-reliant and no longer require financial support. Emancipation is the legal process through which your child becomes self-reliant, and the financial cord between you and them is cut off.

A crucial factor in determining emancipation is age. It is, however, that is not the only thing judges consider when making a decision. The belief that your child may become emancipated when they turn 18 years old may not be applicable if they are not independent. Some of the items the court has to consider include:

  • The need and interests of the child
  • The expectations of the family
  • The financial ability of both the child and the parents
  • How independent the child can become

Amongst these factors, the court may consider anything else that they believe to be relevant. And if they find your child is worthy of emancipation, you will no longer have to pay child support.

This article is given only to provide more information about child support. It is not legal advice.



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