What to consider before taking a child overseas

| May 21, 2019 | Child Custody |

New Jersey parents who are divorced are usually allowed to spend time with their kids without their former spouses present. In some cases, this involves taking a child to another country. Ideally, exes will include the terms of such travel in their parenting plan. At a minimum, both parents should know where their kids are going to be at all times. This can be done by providing an itinerary before leaving on the trip.

The itinerary should list where the children will be staying, who they will be staying with and any other pertinent information. If a child does not yet have a passport, both parents may have to agree that he or she can have it before going through the application process. However, if a child is over the age of 16, it’s possible to apply for a passport without such permission.

Parents should discuss whether or not a third-party will be allowed to take a child out of the United States. For instance, a grandparent who has a close relationship with the child may want to accompany the minor on a trip back. If a parent is not currently allowed to take a child out of the country, that parent may ask for permission to do so from a judge.

The best interests of the child are paramount when creating a child custody ruling. If taking a minor overseas could put that child’s health or safety at risk, it generally won’t be permitted. Parents could take certain steps to make sure that their sons or daughters are not taken overseas. For example, a parent may refuse to grant permission for a passport. If the terms of a parenting agreement are broken, legal counsel could provide assistance.



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